Get in touch with science and technology through blocks

With HandyBlock, children will study programming without computer by material smart blocks in place of Scratch, the virtual blocks. HandyBlock includes more than 50 programming instructions. Various programs will be created through simple combinations, which make programming robots move. Different sensors of the robots can be controlled to interact with surrounding voice, colors, and obstacles to arouse children’s interests. HandyBlock is the best choice, no matter whether it is used as a STEAM class teaching aid of educators, or as a tool of training children’s creativity.

Master control module

Connection between instruction blocks and the core brain of robot

Master control module connects instruction blocks by Pogo Pin magnetism. Once connected, they will work. Master control module transfers instructions into executable program (Python or JavaScript). And through Bluetooth or Wifi, they will communicate with and control robots or smart home devices to execute instruction.

Parameter module

Parameter module, Adjustment as you wish, Various combinations

The numbers, angles, emoticons, symbols, arrows and letters in abundant parameter modules can be adjusted with buttons. Through the combination of command and parameter modules, the robot can be controlled as desired, which is as flexible and powerful as software programming!