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Hangzhou High and Low Technology Co., Ltd. is a new company driven by high-tech and advanced educational ideas. Its founders, already parents, are masters from Zhejiang University. They love education, care about children, and together explore the educational methods that fit children the most, with an aim to let children learn spontaneously. Let children embrace the high-tech world and unveil its mysteries by interesting blocks. Kindly contact us if you love children, care about their future, and agree with our ideas, no matter whether you are parents or training teachers. We will offer you a full set of products and interactive courses for children, and training courses for teachers. 

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QQ: 1465696082


Address: Suite 921, No. 6 Yinhu Innovative Center, No. 9, Fuxian Road, Yinhu Street, Fuyang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, PRC.

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